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Interview with Managing Director/CEO Ken Beissel

David Reid Homes is ‘Raising the Standard’. This isn’t just a motto for us – it is something we take very seriously in everything we do throughout our company. We aim to deliver a home that exceeds expectations in design, build and aesthetics, and we also want to ensure that the process from start to finish is exceptional. To do this we set extremely high standards for our entire team at David Reid Homes and want you to know that your ‘standards’ are our priority.

Each individually designed home will be unique – as no two David Reid Homes are ever the same. Our designs reflect each individual homeowner’s flair and creativity, and are tailored to complement their unique geographic setting.

David Reid Homes Managing Director/CEO Ken Beissel

Interviewer: “ what makes you want to help Builders?”

Ken: “There’s a lot of great young builders out there. They aren’t taught early in the early days through their apprenticeship is the business side of things, and look every young builder aspires to go out working. Just because they are a great young builder doesn’t mean they are a great businessman and the days of working out of your glove box is gone.”

Interviewer: “What is the building industry like ?”

Ken: “You just don’t survive in the industry any longer or anymore if you do work out of your glove box, it’s a real struggle.”

Interviewer: “ What does David Reid Homes do?”

Ken: “We don’t get involved with the building; we teach them to become better businessmen. We teach them the market, we teach them to sell, we teach them to deal with clients. They’re great young builders as they are, as they stand, but we take them from their glove box and become better businessmen and that’s what the whole business is about. We’ve got to ensure that every one of these builders are covered financially, insurance wise, because if they’re not, it’s their livelihood, their family, their home you know that they could actually loose. So, till you fail you don’t know what could happen. I try and push the fact that its somewhere nobody wants to go, but we teach them how to survive.”

Interviewer: “What advice would you give them for signing on with David Reid Homes?”

Ken: “If they follow the system, they’ll certainly become better businessmen. They’ve got the ability to grow their business, expand their business and become better people. It’s all about working on your business not in it, and where you are and how you are travelling at the time. You’ve got to go out, you’ve got to plan, you’ve got to prepare and that’s what we give these guys the ability to do.”

Interviewer: “How do you know the right fit ?”

Ken: “It’s not about ‘US, US, US’, it’s all about us and them and as a group. We choose guys who want to become quality, custom, luxury home builders.”

 “I want to see our website on my tombstone when I die, you know so I’ll still be marketing David Reid Homes out there, all after I’ve gone.”

Interviewer: “ Is there anything you would like to add to finish off?”

Ken: “Here at David Reid Homes, we provide the backbone and the structure to these young builders and prepare them for the future. What you see is what you get with us and all it takes is on phone call and have a quick chat with us and we’re not here to pest you, we’re not here to brainwash you but we would love to have a chat if you are looking to expand your business and becoming a better businessman in the building industry.”

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Join the David Reid Homes franchise team today!

Are you a builder looking to expand your business or looking for bigger and better opportunities? This is where David Reid Homes can help you. As a David Reid Homes franchisee, you benefit from our extensive industry experience, as well as gaining access to our multi-award winning team of designers, builders and interior consultants.

If you would like to have an initial chat about becoming part of the David Reid Homes family, please feel free to give Ken Beissel and the team a call on 07 3209 8244 today. You can also check out our frequently asked questions and read the latest HIA article about building your business as a David Reid Homes franchisee.

Ken Beissel

Managing Director & CEO.

David Reid Homes Australiasia.
P: 07 3209 8244
Unit 3/3974 Pacific Highway
Loganholme QLD 4129