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Finding franchise success with
David Reid Homes

David Reid Homes provides franchisees with the best possible start in the building industry, regardless of prior experience. Franchisees are provided with a proven and comprehensive package that includes:

  • 24/7 access to support structures and mentoring,
  • Leading building and project management systems
  • Access to original floor plans, designs and modelling

But don’t just take it from us, have a listen to franchisees Keiron, Cobey and Tom about their experiences with David Reid Homes. 

Keiron Rohrlach – Tamworth Region Franchise

Keiron Rohrlach and business partner Philip Poulsenand have been part of the David Reid Homes group since 2015. They have found great success and were named ‘Franchise of the Year’ in 2018 & 2019. What Keiron and Philip were initially attracted to was the David Reid Homes national branding and the trust in the name. But it didn’t stop there! The team in Tamworth found that there were great management and quoting systems in place. This makes the operation of the business far more seamless. 

Keiron believes that their business would not have grown the way it has if they didn’t take the step and get involved with David Reid Homes. The team have found that Ken Beissel, the Managing Director is always available for advice, marketing strategies, even just up for a chat and provide motivation.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, regional areas such as Tamworth have experienced a boom in the residential property industry.

‘We’ve had such a massive increase in housing here, we would be struggling to complete projects and maintain margins with rapidly increasing costs of materials and contractors without the support and guidance of David Reid Homes,’ explains Kieron. ‘We have never been busier.’

In the industry, multiple state lockdowns have slowed down the flow of raw materials and finished goods. As a solution, Kieron and Philip have adjusted their timelines and the way they explain a new build to clients. ‘We’re managing the recent supply issues well,’ says Kieron. ‘It helped getting advice from the David Reid Homes team when making these decisions.’

To make their business run efficiently, they utilise many of David Reid Homes’ services, such as its 24/7 access to support structures and plan packages. Kieron has found that one of the essential services for their business is its estimating program. ‘We’ve received great support from head office and they are always available when we have any difficulties. We would be far behind where we are now without David Reid Homes.’

If a young builder or tradie is considering becoming a franchisee, Kieron has a few suggestions. ‘Make sure you weigh up all options and have all the information,’ he says. ‘If the franchise you’re considering suits your area and target market, working with David Reid Homes is a great option.’

“If you’re ready to do what we did and take your business to the next level, out of the glovebox, out of the diary, David Reid Homes is the way to go.” 

Cobey Byrne – Central West Region Franchise

Cobey and Kasey Byrne are the sole owners and operators of David Reid Homes Central West. They have been involved with David Reid Homes as a franchise since the end of 2012. By 2013 the Central West franchise was set up and running smoothly. The experience with David Reid Homes has taught Cobey and Kasey a great deal. Not only from a builder’s perspective but that of a business owner perspective. 

Cobey believes that it would have taken him double the time to learn all the moving parts of the business had he done it on his own. That’s one of the benefits of David Reid Homes. You get all the independence of small business ownership with the support and benefits of a big business network. Besides the obvious benefits, Cobey noted that there are benefits to the David Reid franchise that you wouldn’t really think of at first. These include assistance and access to estimating software, job scheduling software and worksite safety. While some builders may think of these factors when starting out, often there is a struggle to understand how to implement it. 

It isn’t just about streamlining and speeding up processes, but also having a completely professional approach. One of the big positives of being part of the David Reid Homes group is the whole group mentality. You are always able to pick up the phone and contact any of the guys in the group to get advice or support.

“You’re no longer a sole little builder trying to navigate chaos and carnage that can be the building industry.”

Tom Ewing  – Northern Rivers Region Franchise

Tom Ewing is one of David Reid Homes’ more recent additions as a franchise over. Owner of the Northern Rivers region has been with David Reid Homes just over 12 months and believes it’s the best decision he has made. 

Tom has found that Ken, Peter and the team in the office are incredibly helpful, their support is second to none. He has found that the same level of support is found in the other franchisee owners. The whole group collectively has been a great help and Tom has found the experience to be fantastic. 

“Been with David Reid just over 12 months, and by far the best business decision I have made.” 

Wanting more information about becoming a David Reid Homes franchisee?

Found these stories inspiring? Looking to venture into the building industry and are after a supportive structure to help you get there? Becoming a David Reid Homes franchisee could be the best opportunity for you! If you would like to find out more, follow the links below for more information, or download the Franchise Info Pack. 

We have franchise locations available in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, ACT, Northern Territory and Western Australia

Download the Franchise Info Pack

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