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Interview with Central West Franchise: Cobey Byrne

Joining the David Reid Homes Franchise team offers the independence of a small business ownership with the support and benefits of a major Australian Building Franchise.

David Reid Homes is positioned in the luxury home building market throughout Australia – and becoming a franchise is a great way to fast track your business.

David Reid Homes provides builders with the best possible start in the Australian building industry, regardless of prior experience. Franchisees are provided with a proven and comprehensive package that includes:

  • 24/7 access to support structures and mentoring,
  • Leading building and project management systems
  • Access to original floor plans, designs and modelling
Australian Building Franchisee Cobey Byrne

David Reid Homes Central West Franchise: Cobey Byrne

Cobey: “Hello, my name is Cobey, my wife Kasey and I are the sole owners and operators of David Reid Homes Central West. We’re based in Orange, New South Wales.

Interviewer: “How long have both yourself and Kasey been apart of David Reid Homes?”

Cobey: “Both Kasey and I have been involved with David Reid Homes since about 2012, end of 2012, so by 2013 we had things up and running pretty well. We had houses coming out of the ground under that banner.”

Interviewer: “What would you say David Reid Homes has taught you over the years since joining the team?”

Cobey: “What its taught me, both not just as a builder but as business owner has been huge. Things I have learnt through being involved in the group would have taken me twice as long to learn on my own if I was doing it without the group benefit.”

Interviewer: “What type of benefits would that be?”

Cobey: “There are benefits to it that you wouldn’t think you would really think of whether it be, estimating software, job scheduling software, work site safety. You know there are things that are thought of within the group that just come from a completely different angle, stuff that wouldn’t have really thought of prior or thought of but not known how to implement it, so there’s some big positives there.

Interviewer: “And what would you say it is like to work with David Reid Homes?”

Cobey: “I see through being involved with David Reid Homes it’s not just streamlining your everyday and stuff or trying to speed things up, it’s a completely professional approach. That’s seen not only by your client but by your trades as well. The trades you’re employing and the way that they’re expected to carry out their days so yeah, it’s really good thing on that front.”

Interviewer: “And what would you say the support from the Head Office is like?”

Cobey: “A big positive that I see to the group at David Reid Homes is the whole group mentality, the ability to pick up a phone or email any of the guys within the group the office, our head office. Ken our CEO is more than happy to speak to you about anything, you have an issue with or need help with or advice.”

Interviewer: “And what would you say you have learnt from this over the years?”

Cobey: “You know umm what I’ve learnt from him is second to none every other year, so he’s pretty switched on with the whole building industry and not just having to do it, no it’s not like you’re no longer a sole little builder just trying to navigate your way through the chaos and carnage that can be the building industry you’re not doing it on your own anymore you’ve got guys you can speak to and everyone’s happy to give their advice or give and experience or a way of going around a certain thing it really is strength in numbers approach so yeah big positives there as well.”

Interviewer: “Now would you say you would do this again, if so what advice would you give?”

Cobey: “Would I do it again? Yes, I would do it again. I would do it again, like I said its taught me a lot in a shorter time, that it would have taken me to do it on my own. I feel that if you come to a group like this with the right attitude, the right open train of thought, willingness to learn to contribute then you can do really, really well, you really can. So yeah, if you’re thinking of becoming a David Reid Homes franchisee then we might be seeing you again before too long, at an event somewhere, but ah yeah, all positives from me, great experience.”

Interviewer: “Thank you very much for your time”

Cobey: “Thank you very much bye.”

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Want to have the backing of an Australian Building Franchise but still be your own independent business?

Are you a builder looking to expand your business or looking for bigger and better opportunities? This is where David Reid Homes can help you.

As a David Reid Homes franchisee, you benefit from our extensive industry experience, as well as gaining access to our multi-award winning team of designers, builders and interior consultants.

We see our franchisees as our partners and select the right partners to ensure the continued success of our business.

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